HAMMONTON - In honor of Women’s History Month, the Hammonton Arts Center held a luncheon on March 20 to showcase its Women in the Arts exhibit.

“Only 20 percent of art in museums is by women, the rest is men,” said Annette Rinker, president of the Hammonton Arts Center, when asked what inspired the exhibit. The goal of the exhibit was to give women artists the chance to shine in their own right.

The exhibit included artwork of various mediums and had a wall dedicated to the art of the late Deb Spinella, a longtime member of the Arts Center and several other art organizations.

The winner of Best in Show for the exhibit was an oil painting titled “March Snow” done by Doreen Khebzou of Galloway. The painting is of a road near the Noyes Museum that Khebzou frequently walks. She was inspired to paint the road last March, when she walked around a bend and sunlight hit the melting snow.

During the luncheon, local artist Brenda Bradford held a demonstration in Zentangle. “You don’t need talent or you can be an accomplished artist to do Zentangle,” said Bradford, who finds that practicing Zentangle can be therapeutic.

Zentangle is an art form using deconstructed patterns. According to Bradford, you only need to know how to draw an I, an S, a C and an O in order to succeed in the art form.

Bradford is creating a Zentangle group, which will meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month. To register for the group, please call (609) 665-3784 or email Bradford at

To learn more about Zentangle, visit and

The Hammonton Arts Center, located at 219 Bellevue Ave., is open Monday-Saturday. To learn more, visit or call (609) 567-5360.

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