HAMMONTON - Visitors to Downtown Hammonton were greeted by the sounds of rockin’ oldies as they strolled down Bellevue Avenue during this month’s Third Thursday celebration.

The theme of the May 19 celebration was “Boogie Down Bellevue” and all of the events were geared toward remembering the past. One event took visitors back 65 million years.

At Kramer Hall, Stockton University associate professor of biology Matthew Bonnan led a presentation on the discovery of three new dinosaur species that were found in South Africa, which he helped to excavate.

Also, Bonnan talked about his new book titled “The Bare Bones”. “It’s made even cooler by the fact that he is a Hammonton local,” said Gina Petrillo, professional services specialist at Kramer Hall.

Bellevue Drug Co. offered free ice cream to visitors in honor of the days when people were able to come in and sit at their local drugstore and order ice cream.

Kendall Husta, 5, and her sister Everly, 3, took a break from exploring the events of Third Thursday to enjoy some of the free ice cream. “We always come out to walk on Third Thursday,” said their mom Erin Husta.

Some of the other events at this month’s Third Thursday included a Rubik’s cube competition outside of The Toy Market and a vinyl records party at the Noyes Museum DJ’d by John Guttschall.

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