The Greater Egg Harbor Regional Education Foundation held its annual awards ceremony on May 17 at Oakcrest High School. The awards were established in memory of Ralph W. Martin, and provide grants for teachers to provide educational experiences over and above the required curriculum.

Since its inception, more than $185,000 has been provided to enhance education at Absegami, Oakcrest and Cedar Creek high schools.

Students from all three high schools performed at the awards ceremony. The Dr. Dennis Foreman Novice Teacher of the Year awards were also presented, celebrating the beginning of a vibrant and exciting teaching career for the recipients.

Grant recipients for 2016-2017 are:

•Tara Kubiak (Absegami) Google Cardboard $450

•Karen Crist (Absegami) Library Makerspace $835

•Jon Porco (Absegami) Instrumental Music (Concert Band) $1,800

•Greg Ferree & Deborah Rosen (Cedar Creek) Stories & Current Events from “News in Slow French” $1,024.86

•Jason Thomas & Mitchell Carter (Oakcrest) “Can You Hear Me Now?” $1,277.42

•James Dunn & Patrick Weisback (Oakcrest) OHS Civil War Living History $2,000

•Debbie Lee (Oakcrest) & Lisa Chretien (Cedar Creek) Lending “The Names” Life: READ 180 Students Immersed in Capital Culture $1,800

•Christine Reina, Allie Panetta, Sandy Brown and Jaclyn Sarnese (Absegami, Cedar Creek and Oakcrest) Youth Yoga Initiative $1,300

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