HAMMONTON - Visitors to Downtown Hammonton on Thursday evening were able to “discover” a global showcase and experience different cultures in this month’s Third Thursday.

At Kramer Hall, there was Flags of the World Bingo. “Our goal is to always teach something,” said Christina Birchler, one of the coordinators of the event from Stockton University.

Even the coordinators themselves learned a few new facts. “I learned that there is a country called Togo,” said Nick Zebrowski, also from Stockton University.

The winners were able to choose from a variety of prizes and everyone received a beach ball globe just for participating.

A little closer to home was the Hammonton 150th Anniversary exhibit at the Eagle Theater. As visitors walked into the theater they were greeted by ragtime music and black and white photos projected onto the wall. Once in the exhibit room, visitors were able to explore the history of Hammonton through artifacts such as pictures, banners and clothes, along with much more.

At the mART, people were treated to a live musical performance by D.J. Haslett. He was in town visiting and stopped by the mART one day. “I saw the place and I walked in and struck up a conversation with April,” said Haslett. When Haslett offered to play, April Schenk, owner of the mART, accepted. In addition to performing, Haslett had several of his painting hung up in the hallway of the mART.

At the Toy Market, visitors were treated to another type of live musical performances, this time by local children who performed their piano recital pieces.

Kelley Crescenzo, 9, was one of the children who played at the Toy Market. Kelley developed an interest in the piano when her music class started to learn about classical music. “Beethoven has the same birthday as me, so that really made me interested in playing the piano,” said Crescenzo. Her piano teacher, Cindy Birnbaun, was there to support her.

Other events at this month’s Third Thursday included terrarium making outside of the Hammonton Arts Center and henna tattoos at the Noyes Museum.

Next month’s Third Thursday theme is “The Good Old Summer Time,” which will be held on July 21 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information on Downtown Hammonton, please visit

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