HAMMONTON - Excitement and eagerness filled the faces of Hammonton High School graduates as they celebrated becoming the school’s 120th graduating class on June 20.

The commencement ceremony took place at the Robert Capoferri Athletic Complex, which was overflowing with family and friends of graduates.

After the procession and the Senior Select Choir performance, class President Dante Galletta stepped up to the podium and gave his welcome speech.

“It is truly remarkable to think that our last four years at Hammonton High School have come to a close.” said Galletta as he mused about his time at the school.

Galletta commended his classmates and spoke of his confidence in them. “I can genuinely say that I believe our class will go very far in life.”

Isabella Massey, salutatorian and Student Council president, spoke after Galletta. Massey praised all the accomplishments of the council, but mentioned one in particular.

“I think the largest accomplishment of Student Council this year, though, was our relentless, and in the end, victorious fight to remove the rule prohibiting hooded attire in school. It was a legacy worth leaving,” Massey said to a round of applause.

Valedictorian Sean Michael Trinh said he wanted to end his time with his classmates on an inspirational note. “I urge all of you to pursue your dreams and aspirations with a burning and fiery passion.”

It was on that note of optimism that graduates were called up one by one to receive their diplomas and the Senior Select Choir performed a final tune.

The commencement came to a close with the graduates turning their tassels and with an exuberant shout tossed their caps into the air.

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