DOROTHY - Weymouth Township Elementary School students are looking to the future and going green for the planet and for themselves as a Community Market was held near the Weymouth Municipal Commons on Saturday morning.

Meghan Hooper, a science teacher for grades fifth through eighth and a member of the school’s “Green Team,” said the idea came about because a “bunch of people at the school were looking for a way to get the school and the community together and celebrate the heritage of the area.”

The Green Team organized the event with student participation. “We are all really active in it,” said Franzisca Showell, 14. Showell recently graduated from the school, which holds grades pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, but she still participates in the group.

The students set up a table at the market where they sold herbs grown and produced by local farmers. “It’s just better for you,” said Bailey Norton, 12, another active member of the Green Team, when discussing the benefits of growing your own food. The other students helping at the table were Rose Largey, 10, and Julie Woods, 11.

Not only did the students help to sell produce, but they learned how to run a cash register and count change, valuable life skills that they acknowledged would look good on their future resumes.

The event had live music provided by Weymouth Township Elementary School Principal Brian London. Showell played songs on her ukulele as well.

A few members from the Bethlehem Lutheran Church located in Dorothy served coffee and desserts. Honey made locally also was sold, and kids could have their faces painted.

The Weymouth Community Market is being held every Saturday in July from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 45 S. Jersey Ave. in Dorothy.

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