HAMMONTON - This month’s Third Thursday was a celebration of “The Good Ol’ Summer Time” with all of the participants gearing their activity towards everything summer.

At the Noyes Museum on July 21, visitors had the opportunity to make their own push-pin lanterns. The project was led by Lyn Murray, a volunteer at the Noyes Museum. Murray was familiar with the process. “I make my Halloween pumpkins the same way,” said Murray.

A push-pin lantern can be made by taking construction paper and laying a pattern over it. You then take a tack or pin and poke along the outline. Once finished, you roll up the construction paper and tape or glue it to keep it in place. A battery-operated tea light is then placed in the middle to provide the glow.

The warm summer evening called for something cool to drink, which could be found at Kitchen 19, where Chef Belle was teaching visitors to make homemade lemonade. “It is a great group activity,” said Chef Belle.

“I was the one who wanted to come in and do this,” said Alyssa Gibase, 9. Alyssa came in with her parents and younger brother. The family made a batch of lemonade to take home and also got to try a few different flavors of lemonade.

The mART went down South with its take on the summer theme with a “Fried Green Tomatoes” night. Not only did they plan on playing the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes,” but Chef Lisa Edson made up her own special batch of the southern treat.

“We thought fried green tomatoes was a good way to represent the Third Thursday theme,” said Edson as she dished out the fried tomatoes. Chef Edson has her own place at the mART for her business “Utensils Cooking School,” which provides classes, catering and more.

Chef Edson will be holding a “High End Low Country Boil” on July 29 at 7 p.m. Reservations as required for that event. To make reservations or to contact Chef Edson, please call (609) 992-4273.

The mART is also planning a very special event for all first responders. With a tentative date of Aug. 8, all first responders can come into The mART all day long for a free meal. For more information on the event or to double check the date, please call The mART at (609) 481-2337 or visit the Facebook page

For more information on Third Thursday or upcoming events in Hammonton, please visit

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