HAMMONTON - Children at the Toy Market on Aug. 2 took a trip back in time by 65 million years when they “excavated” dinosaurs as a part of one the Toy Market’s summer activities classes.

“We always try to get our customers to be more creative” said owner Kelly Donio. This is the second summer that the Toy Market has held summer activities classes and children who attend are welcome to learn in their own way.

The dinosaurs that the children “excavated” were small toy dinosaurs that had been covered in a clayish material that was then allowed to harden. The children then used little tools to dig out the dinosaurs.

It was not only a creative event for the children, but also an educational one. Julie Bruce, or “Miss Julie” as she is called at the Toy Market, is a former teacher who taught the children a few things about dinosaurs.

“Scientists can guess what a dinosaur looked like based on the size of dinosaur footprints they find.” said Bruce during a brief lesson before the children dug up the dinosaurs.

Shawna DiMatteo, 5, was one of the children who came to the event. After digging out her dinosaur, she was excited to see that it was a pterodactyl, “My favorite dinosaur is a pterodactyl!”

After the children finished digging out their dinosaurs, they were then given pizza boxes to make a home for them. The children also were given an extra egg to “excavate” at home.

There are still two more classes scheduled for this summer’s activities. The next class will be held today and the following one on Aug. 16.

Classes are held at both Toy Market locations in Hammonton and Smithville. For more information or to register your child for a class, please call (609) 561-2121 or visit

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