HAMMONTON - Hammonton’s Community Garden held the last of its free summer children’s workshops on Sunday afternoon.

The theme for the workshop was “Reflect and Give Thanks.” The workshops were run by Lisa Zeuner, a performance arts teacher at Atlantic County Institute of Technology. “I am a teacher and I’m very much in love with gardening and I thought a free event would be nice,” said Zeuner.

Each workshop began with a story. This week’s story was “Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message” by Chief Jake Swamp.

After each story would be a garden activity aimed at teaching the children something about gardening such as identifying plants and how bugs can be beneficial to a garden.

“Gardening teaches life skills that can be applied to all areas of life,” Zeuner said.

Next was an art activity related to gardening, such as when Zeuner and the children created art out of seeds during one of the earlier workshops. The workshops would then end with a sing and dance activity. Each workshop lasted about an hour-half.

Zoe Fallon, 6, of Millville said she loves gardening and was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a workshop. Zoe said she loved to garden because “You get to plant all the beautiful flowers and make the garden look pretty and we get to eat what we grow.”

The way that the community garden works is people pay for a plot and then tend to it. The lot where the garden is located is provided by the City of Hammonton, which also provides the water.

While it does fall to the individuals to tend to their own plots, there are garden work days where everyone is invited to come out and tend the garden together.

The community garden is located at the corner of 11th and Washington Street. There is currently a waiting list for a plot for next season. For more information on the community garden, please visit the Hammonton Green Committee website at Also be sure to check out the garden’s Facebook page at

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