HAMMONTON - It wasn’t the typical quiet Sunday afternoon in Hammonton as children enjoyed honking the horns and blowing the sirens of vehicles at the second annual Touch A Truck.

The event was held in the parking lot behind Casciano’s. It was a Downtown Hammonton event that was sponsored by the Toy Market.

“We always wanted to host a free event for the community. We try to do interactive experiences,” said Kelly Donio, owner of the Toy Market.

There were interactive experiences a plenty during Touch A Truck as children, and adults, enjoyed looking at, climbing on and honking the horns of all the trucks they could.

Ted Williams and his sons Harry, 4, and Emerson, 2, were attending the event for the second time. “We came out last year and had so much fun we wanted to come out again,” said Williams.

Among the many vehicles present were a semi-truck cab, a school bus and a police car. A U.S Coast Guard boat also was brought in to participate in the event. “Everyone who brought a vehicle is volunteering their time,” said Donio.

The Hammonton Fire Department brought an old-time fire truck for the occasion.

Joe Lizza, of Company 2, was one of the firefighters who volunteered their time to help with the truck. “We think it is a great event to get the community together and for kids to explore trucks, which they love,” said Lizza.

Children and adults also were able to enjoy a sand pit and Lego area. In the Lego area, children had the chance to get their picture taken for their very own CDL “license,” which they were then able to pick up in the Toy Market.

Other activities included a slide attached to a truck, coloring outside of the Noyes Museum and a hot dog bar inside of Kitchen 19.

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