HAMMONTON - In our busy, mile-a-minute world, stress is something everyone experiences, which is why Stockton University Kramer Hall hosted the stress management presentation “From Pressure to Peace: A Timeless Journey” on Oct. 19.

“People think being healthy is just about getting a physical, but it’s so much more, it’s total well-being,” said Awilda Guzman, a wellness specialist with AtlantiCare who presented the talk. According to Guzman, there are six dimensions to a person’s total well-being:

• Intellectual

• Spiritual

• Physical

• Occupational

• Social

• Emotional

“Stress is a part of life and can cause wear and tear on your body” said Guzman.

There are two different kinds of stress. The first is short-term stress, which is a reaction against an immediate threat. Long-term stress comes from a chronic situation, which can be related to family, health or finances.

When a person becomes stressed, the hormone cortisol is released. Some of the symptoms of stress include irritability and moodiness, lack of sleep, worry and feeling anxious. The key to stress management is to change from reacting to a situation to responding to it.

Some of Guzman’s tips for reducing stress include:

• Spend time in silence

• Take time away from electronics

• Laugh

• Exercise (An exercise that is especially beneficial for stress reduction is yoga. Yoga is a good tool to help ease stress in both men and women).

• Be Grateful

• Breathe (breathing techniques include Diaphragmatic Breathing Quick Breathing and Guided Imagery)

Guzman’s presentation was an interactive one. After showing the guests of the talk how to use diaphragmatic breathing, she passed out Play-Doh, which she says is good not only for kids, but also adults. Playing with Play-Doh helps to relieve stress and ease tight, painful fingers.

Guzman recommends avoiding excessive worrying, which drains energy. Also, do not waste time worrying about things you have no control over.

Information for diaphragmatic breathing, quick breathing and Guided Imagery can be easily found online by using a search engine. For more information on events being held at Kramer Hall, please visit

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