HAMMONTON - Excited crowds lined Bellevue Avenue on the evening of Oct. 26 for the annual Halloween parade through the downtown.

Before the start of the parade, participants gathered on North Egg Harbor Road to prepare for the festivities. One little participant was Glen Tyler Forman, 16 months, who dressed up as Dracula with his wagon decorated as a coffin for the costume contest.

Celena Salvo, 17, of the Hammonton High School Marching Band, warmed up alongside her fellow band members before the parade. It did not matter that the parade had not even started yet, Salvo was already having a blast. “This is the funniest parade we’ve had!” she said.

Those marching in the parade were not the only ones who had some preparing to do. Parade watchers staked out their spots along the parade route to ensure the best possible views. Once the street was clear and traffic was diverted, souvenir sellers began to walk along the parade route, where many children eagerly rushed to pick out toys.

Many of the children who came to watch the parade dressed up in costumes. Some of the most popular costumes included superheroes, video-game characters and princesses.

The parade itself not only included a costume contest and the Hammonton marching band but also firetrucks and floats. Just a couple of the many fantastic looking floats included a Minions float and a Lego float. Many of the parade participants threw out candy and glow sticks to the crowds, which children immediately dove for. It was a fun time all around for those who came out.

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