MAYS LANDING - Children proved that yoga is not just for adults on Thursday morning at the Mays Landing Branch of the Atlantic Country Library System, as they enjoyed the Toddler Yoga class.

The library has been hosting Toddler Yoga sessions since last spring and, according to children’s librarian Nancy Wessler, the children really respond to it. “Parents have told us that their kids do the poses at home,” said Wessler.

“I think yoga is really good for kids,” said Paige Vaccaro, a certified children’s yoga instructor who teaches the Toddler Yoga sessions at the library. In fact, Vaccaro brings two of her own children to join her during the class because they enjoy it so much.

As everyone settled down into a circle on their mats, Vaccaro began by explaining how the class works in case anyone was visiting for the first time. Vaccaro understands that children cannot always sit still and makes it clear that it is OK for them to get up and walk around when they need to.

“It’s really important to let your child experience the class,” said Vaccaro. “Children, especially when they are new to something, love to watch.”

The class is a great way for children to bond, not only with their parents but other family members as well. Andrea Bradshaw and her 2-year-old daughter Charlotte were visiting the class for the first time.

“It’s an activity that we can enjoy together,” said Bradshaw.

Amber Umphlett and her niece Jacki Berges, 2, have been coming to the class for months and both really enjoy the quality time together.

“We have been coming since the beginning of the school year. The instructor is amazing, she really captures the children’s attention,” said Umphlett.

The yoga class is broken into an “active time,” where children and their families go through traditional yoga poses with child friendly modifications, and a “quiet time” aimed at helping to calm and sooth the children. The suggested ages for the class are 1 to 5 years old.

If you are interested in learning more about Toddler Yoga or joining the waiting list, please call the Mays Landing Branch at (609) 625-2776 ext. 6304.

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