MAYS LANDING - Makers of all kinds had their day on Saturday.

Libraries across the state celebrated the third annual NJ Makers Day, and the Mays Landing Branch of the Atlantic County Library System was one of them.

“We have been doing Makers Day since it started,” said children and young adult librarian Diane Gottman of the Mays Landing library, which had several tables set up to allow people the opportunity to flex their making muscles. Those who visited the library had the chance to:

• Learn how to knit;

• Learn how to plant seeds;

• Learn how to play the piano;

• Learn how to play chess;

• Learn origami;

• Make bookmarks;

• Decorate cookies;

• Make a device that created a 3-D or “hologram” image from your cellphone.

According to the NJ Makers Day website, Makers Day is a two-day event (March 24 and 25) aimed at increasing community involvement and giving residents a chance to have hands-on learning experiences.

One of those who had a hands-on learning experience on Saturday was Elijah Wesley, 8, who was trying his hand at chess for the first time. Elijah came to the library with his mom, Octavia Wesley, who found out about Makers Day through one of the library’s other programs.

“I bring my baby to the story times and I remembered Miss Nancy mentioning it,” said Wesley.

“We always get a lot of positive feedback,” said children’s librarian Nancy Wessler about Makers Day. Wessler was in charge of the planting seeds table. Those who planted seeds in the plastic containers on Makers Day will have their plants planted into the library’s “Pizza Garden,” which got its name because it is round like a pizza.

The library’s Makers Day events were made possible with the help of the library’s teen volunteers and volunteers from the community.

Rylee McDonnell, 17, was one of the teen volunteers. She was in charge of helping visitors make a little device that turned a program on their phones into a 3-D image or hologram.

“I’ve been volunteering since seventh grade; I’m a senior now. When Miss Diane asked me to volunteer, I said yes,” McDonnell said.

To learn more about NJ Makers Day, please visit the official website at To learn more information about the programs and events at the various libraries in the Atlantic County Library System, please visit

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