EGG HARBOR TWP - The Egg Harbor Township Branch of the Atlantic County Library System helped children show their moms just how much they mean to them with a Mother’s Day Tea.

“When I arrived here I was told it was a tradition, so I kept it up,” said librarian Kristen Comeaux about the Mother’s Day Tea. “We usually have coffee, tea and a snack and we have a craft for them to make for their mom.”

Comeaux knows that a mother is not always someone who is related by blood. A mother can be someone who loves and cares for you, which is why the tea was not strictly for blood relatives only.

“It is for any mother figure and any child,” said Comeaux.

As families came into the meeting room, they were greeted by tables laid with yellow and purple table clothes that had delicate teacups and saucers placed on top. Comeaux also had laid out smaller tables with tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and cookies, which guests could help themselves to.

“My sister works here and she told us about it,” said Tina Lachina. She brought her 7-year-old daughter Brianna to enjoy some quality time together. While Brianna was a little shy when asked if she was looking forward to the time with her mom, she still gave a little smile and nodded yes.

After everyone had a chance to enjoy some of the snacks and beverages, it was time for a craft. The craft was salt chalk, similar to sand art. To make salt chalk you first pour out the amount of salt that you would like colored onto a protected surface. Then, you take a piece of large chalk in whatever color you like and rub it long ways across the salt until it is a shade you like. After the salt has been colored, you then pour it into a clear container of your choosing. You can alternate colors until your container is full and then seal the lid. The salt is not edible after being colored with chalk.

The children set to work on the craft by carefully portioning their salt, coloring it with various colors and layering into their container. While the craft was meant to be a present for the children’s mothers, many ended up liking their creation so much that they could be heard saying they wanted to keep it.

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