HAMMONTON - Chilly, rainy days are the perfect days for reflection, which is exactly what rising local musician Tyler Sarfert did Saturday morning at Casciano Coffee Bar and Sweetery.

“My childhood was playing music,” said the 20-year-old Atlantic County native as he looked back on what has led him to his growing fame.

Sarfert comes from a musically inclined family, who encouraged him to explore his musical talent, especially after his mother heard him playing pieces from the “Phantom of the Opera” by ear on the piano, an instrument he had no training in. Needless to say, his parents immediately signed him up for piano lessons.

As Sarfert continued to explore his musical talent, he learned to play several instruments besides the piano. He said he was initially hesitant to learn to play the guitar, but he eventually did after he found it was the best instrument to write songs on while playing.

Sarfert put his talents to use on his new album “Transitions”, where he not only plays all of the instruments on the album but also wrote all of the songs. As the title of the album may suggest, the songs were heavily influenced by events in his life.

“I had some issues with my family when I was younger and music was my release,” said Sarfert.

He also found comfort in his faith and has been attending the same church for years, performing music along the way. “It’s a part of me, so I see life through that lens,” said Sarfert, though he is adamant that he has no desire to force his faith on anyone else.

Sarfert’s love of music led him to pursue it not only through his college studies but also as a career. Sarfert is currently working on a degree in music industry with a specialization in business at Rowan University, while also working on his music career. Sarfert has been playing on the region’s music scene for a couple of years now and has played at locations such as the historic The Stone Pony in Asbury Park and The Fillmore in Philadelphia.

Breaking into the local music scene was not always easy.

“He was originally excluded from the local scene for his lighter tone,” said older brother and manager Scott Sarfert. According to the brothers, when Sarfert was breaking into the local scene, the acts tended to be heavier and darker, a sharp contrast to Sarfert’s self-described “pop-rock, with a little-bit-of-soul” sound.

Yet, Tyler Sarfert did not give up and eventually gained a following, perhaps in no small part to his energetic live shows that see him play several instruments.

“I am happy to see my music is connecting to people,” said Sarfert.

While Sarfert does play many instruments during his live shows, he isn’t on the stage by himself. A band plays with him whom Sarfert says, “Have all held their own on a professional level.” Sarfert’s band mates include drummer Maison Guidry, guitarist Brandon Ireland and bassist Matthew Whittle.

Not only has Sarfert been gradually gaining more attention regionally but nationally as well. Sarfert’s videos on YouTube have collectively been watched thousands of times. Although Sarfert is planning a tour in the near future, he will be much closer to home for the time being as he plays at the Kathedral Events Center on Friday June 9.

Sarfert is excited for what the future holds and hopes to make music a lifelong career.

“That is the end goal; I can’t see myself doing anything else,” Sarfert said. Through it all, he knows that his brother and manager Scott Sarfert will be with him watching his back.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else,” said Tyler Sarfert. “The best thing to come out of it is the growth in our relationship,” said Scott Sarfert.

Tyler Sarfert can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and he is very responsive to fans through his social media. His music is available for purchase on iTunes and Spotify. For booking inquiries, please email For management inquiries, please email

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