HAMMONTON - Yard sales were the name of the game early on Saturday during Hammonton’s Town-Wide Yard Sale.

The sales could be found all over town and were made easy to locate with the help of maps provided by Mainstreet Hammonton. In fact, there were even yard sales along Bellevue Avenue.

Lauren Beaudry, a Hammonton First volunteer, took the later shift at the Hammonton First yard sale table.

“I think it is a great cause and I love supporting Hammonton,” said Beaudry. According to Beaudry, all proceeds from the Hammonton First yard sale were going to go to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and anything that was not sold would go to Goodwill.

The yard sales along Bellevue Avenue came as a pleasant surprise to Marguerite Humphries. Humphries, who lives in North Jersey, was in town visiting family and needed a present and knew she could find one by coming to the downtown.

“I love the downtown,” said Humphries as she browsed some of the clothes racks along the avenue.

Venturing off of Bellevue Avenue, there were more and more yard sales to explore all through the town.

Bill Fichetola was able to sell most of the items he had been wanting to get rid of. However, for Fichetola the yard sale was also about helping the town.

“I wanted to be with the community and help the town,” said Fichetola, who was born and raised in the town. “Hammonton has always been family oriented.”

“We moved here last fall and it’s really surprising how much they do,” said Sharon Quigley. Quigley and her family decided to participate in the town-wide yard sale to give back to the community.

The town-wide yard sale was not the only event to occur in Hammonton on Saturday morning. There also was the Hammonton Education Foundation’s Recycling Center event. People could bring documents to be shredded, and everything from hearing aids, to cellphones, to books to be properly recycled.

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