SMITHVILLE - There was no monster mash, but there certainly was a “Zombie Walk” in Smithville on Saturday.

The zombie walk gave Smithville visitors of all ages a chance to dress-up in their most nightmarish and ghoulish zombie-inspired costumes. It was an opportunity that Derek Kravitz could not pass up.

“It’s a zombie walk and I do it all the time,” said Kravitz about his hobby. On Oct. 28, Kravitz decided to dress-up as a post-apocalyptic mad scientist. Kravitz admitted that he was not strictly a zombie, but “maybe I am the one who created the virus,” he said with a possible grin beneath his mask.

John Fekete also decided to get decked out for the event. “It’s been a hobby of mine for many years; it’s a fun hobby,” said Fekete, who was dressed from head to toe in a World War II German officer inspired outfit, including a mask.

With all of his layers, many people may have assumed that Fekete was uncomfortably warm, but he insisted he was not. “I actually feel comfortable,” he said. Fekete got his costume from a company called Dark Stitches run by Tessie Alligood from New Orleans. “It would be great to give them a shout-out,” said Fekete.

“I went last year and it was a lot of fun and I love zombies,” laughed Emily Iovine about why she decided to come to the zombie walk. Iovine was dressed as a zombie nurse, complete with a “blood” stained uniform. It took Iovine about an hour and a half to get ready for the walk, including her bloody and gruesome makeup.

No zombie nurse would be complete without a patient turned victim, which is why Iovine’s friend Jennie Kirwin tagged along. “She kind of wanted to do creepy stuff. It’s my first zombie walk.,” laughed Kirwin, who said she was enjoying the scenery of Smithville. “It’s really beautiful down here,” she said.

Sophia Royal, 9, also was out enjoying her first zombie walk.

“My stepmom told me about it and I thought it would be fun,” said Sophia, who was dressed as a zombie kid. “It’s my third time here, but I have never done the contest before. I thought since we are both dressed up, we should do it,” said Antoinette Royal, Sophia’s stepmother. Sophia was not concerned about the contest though. “I don’t care if I win, it’s just for fun,” she said with a shy smile.

During the zombie walk in the evening, those who come dressed up paraded around the village to show off their costumes for judging. But through most of the day, visitors strolled through Smithville enjoying the shops and the ghoulish atmosphere.

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