LANDISVILLE - The Valentine’s Day staples of wine and chocolate were the stars this past weekend at Bellview Winery.

The Wine and Chocolate Weekend is a tradition at the winery that has been going on for years. To prepare for the event, the employees at Bellview have to do some taste testing to pair the wines with just the right chocolates.

“We know our wines fairly well, so we try different chocolates and try to figure out what goes best together,” said Bellview Winery owner Jim Quarella. The staff don’t seem to mind the task of figuring out the pairings, he said.

This year’s wine and chocolate pairings were:

• Bellview’s dry white wine Cygnus was paired with 1892 Goldenberry organic 70% chocolate.

• Bellview’s dry red wine Chambourcin 2015 was paired with 1892 70% organic chocolate with sea salt.

• Bellview’s sweet Port was paired with 1892 70% organic chocolate with coffee beans.

• Bellview’s sweet drink Love Potion was paired with 1892 mango organic 70% chocolate.

“We always release our Love Potion around Valentine’s Day,” said Scott Quarella.

According to Scott Quarella, Love Potion is not strictly a wine as it has some other components, like a little bit of juice, added into it. The end result is a sweet drink with a pale pink color. Since it was a wine and chocolate weekend, the winery presented its Love Potion in a chocolate-rimmed glass that had been sprinkled with sugar.

Kim Shepherd visited Bellview for the first time on Saturday with her daughter, who found the event on Facebook. The two decided to treat themselves to a girls’ day out. Shepherd was not shy with her praise.

“I loved it! It was my first wine tasting and they explained everything,” said Shepherd, who enthusiastically said that she will come back to the winery.

There is no need to worry if you missed the Wine and Chocolate Weekend as Bellview will be hosting another wine and chocolate tasting, with some trivia, on Valentine’s Day today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information on Bellview Winery, please visit its website at or call (856) 697-7172. Bellview Winery is located at 150 Atlantic St. in Landisville.

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