HAMMONTON – The Historical Society of Hammonton invites the public to a community program to be held at 8 p.m. on Sept. 3 at Hammonton Canoe Club at Hammonton Lake Park. Programs are free, provided as a service to the community. There is no requirement to be a member of HSH to attend.

The program is videoed and a copy is placed in the archives so that future generations will be provided with a snapshot of Hammonton's past.

The Historical Society of Hammonton will honor the 1949 Little Big League World Champions. A special invitation is extended to the officers and present day players of Hammonton Little League.

In 1949, in Williamsport, Pa., in front of a cheering crowd of 10,000, Hammonton won the Little Big League World Championship.

A 20-minute film as narrated by team captain, Nuncie Sacco, will relive exciting highlights of the game and you will see the downtown parade when two by two in the back of convertibles, team members were saluted by thousands of fans lining Bellevue Avenue.

Following the movie, members of the team will recall their memories of that magical time, 66 years ago.

In addition, the former champs will describe the thrill of being honored in Williamsport in 2009 on their 60th anniversary. Surviving members of the team are Captain Nuncie Sacco, Oatha Crowder, Gayton Capelli, Al Marazzi, Bob Dewees, Ron DeMarco, John Tomasello and Sydney Norcross.

Following their presentation, there will be time for audience participation. Bring your questions and meet the champs.

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