HAMMONTON - Parking lots are usually not the most artistic or creative places to be, but that was not the case on Saturday afternoon for “Art in the Parking Lot,” where visitors had the chance to buy from local artists.

“This is the first time we have done it,” said Hammonton Arts Center president Annette Rinker.

The event was held in the parking lot behind the Hammonton Arts Center and ARH Associates.

“Rich Rehmann, the owner of the parking lot and building, was very supportive and helped us lay everything out,” said Rinker.

Rinker was not just there as president of the arts center though, she also was one of the artists who was selling some of her pieces, which included everything from jewelry to scarfs to paintings.

Jackie Milovsky brought out her hand-crafted stained and fused glass pieces to the event.

“I was just interested in it and it took off,” smiled Milovsky as she described how she got started working with stained and fused glass. Milovsky, who is a member of the arts center, enjoys all kinds of stained and fused glass, but she does have a particular favorite design.

“I like creating some sort of abstract design. I really like to make my own designs,” said Milovsky.

John Toothman was working on some pottery while he was at the event.

“It sounds cliché, but its relaxing,” said Toothman about pottery.

Toothman, who is an arts center member, thinks that art is so much more than a hobby; it can be a career.

“Part of the importance [of art] is to break the myth of the starving artist. You can find a career in the arts,” said Toothman, who is also convinced that art can help you to be a better person.

“In art you learn to discern more,” he said. “Art teaches you to overcome the different judgments that people make.”

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