HAMMONTON - Crafting enthusiasts let their creative juices flow Oct. 3 at the Hammonton Branch of the Atlantic County Library System where they enjoyed an evening making pumpkin masterpieces.

“They can decorate it any way they want it,” said senior librarian Rachel Simmons. In order to ensure that everyone had a chance to decorate their pumpkin just the way they wanted, Simmons provided an array of ribbons, glitter, paint, googly eyes and much more.

This year’s pumpkin craft was slightly different than from years past.

“This is my first time using fake pumpkins instead of real ones,” said Simmons. By using ceramic pumpkins, she said, the crafters would be able to keep their pumpkins as keepsakes for years to come or even redecorate them if they wanted to.

The pumpkin craft was a huge hit and drew people of all ages. While the craft was geared more towards older kids and adults, the craft still provided plenty of child-friendly entertainment. In order to avoid any frustrating parental moments though — such as dealing with paint stained clothes — Simmons provided some oversized T-shirts for the participating children to put over their clothes.

“We always check their calendar because she loves crafts,” said Joyce Burns about her granddaughter, Stella Weil, 7. Stella is a crafting aficionado and loves crafts of all kinds.

“She made a quilt last weekend,” smiled Burns proudly. Stella’s creative personality was on full display with her faux pumpkin, which she decided to decorate as a witch.

Stella used ribbons and fabric to create a “skirt” for her pumpkin, some black paint for a “hat”, and of course some googly eyes. When asked why she decided to decorate her pumpkin as a witch, Stella happily replied “Because I’m going to be a witch for Halloween.”

Amani Benjamin, 7, also was confident in her creative vision for her pumpkin. She decorated her pumpkin as a princess. “Because I like princesses and it’s pink and purple,” she said.

Amani is no stranger to crafting, but she especially enjoys coloring. “I like to color. Every night I make a painting and color,” she smiled shyly.

If you missed this pumpkin craft, there is no need to worry because there will be plenty of chances in the coming weeks to stop by the Hammonton library to make your own craft.

On Oct. 17, things will get a little spooky with a puffy ghost craft, which will be accompanied by some creepy ghost stories. The fun will start at 6:30 p.m.

On Nov. 7, stop by the library and make your very own pine cone turkey centerpiece, just in time for Thanksgiving. The crafting will start at 6:30 p.m.

On Nov. 14, if a pine cone turkey is not the centerpiece you want for Thanksgiving, than perhaps the maple leaf candle is more your style. This craft is suggested for adults and begins at 6:30 p.m.

Registration is kindly requested for all crafts. Dates and times are subject to change.

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